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Collection of more than 3600 authentic unpublished military pictures and postcards. You can find here photos of Austro-Hungarian imperial army, Czechoslovak legion and army up to 1945 year. This project also involves photos from civilian life from the second half of the 19th century. Visit the Gallery here.

Services for you

Most of old photographs have no sign about a date of their origin. I offer in this sphere for general public help by an identification of a content and of a date of photographs, especially for photos and postcards with a military theme up to 1945 year. I also offer an identification of civil photos and antique phonograph records.

Cultural heritage

In the 2008 year these pages became a part of Czech cultural heritage. With the cooperation of the Czech Republic´s National Library the content is archived several times a year. This page is the part of The National Library catalogue and an integral part of The Czech national bibliography. More information here: www.webarchiv.cz.


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